Warm synthesizers, immediate hooks, big rhythms and sparkling guitars are the chemistry makeup of BellaMaine, an indie-rock band from Anacortes, WA. On their new EP, “An Anxious Mind”, produced by John Goodmanson (Nada Surf, Blonde Redhead, Death Cab For Cutie), BellaMaine comes out swinging with graceful force, pulling dreamy tones and pop-rock sensibility in to the same room, and then making them thumb wrestle for bragging rights.

A natural energy binds the guy/girl lead vocals with the guitars/keyboards, due mainly to the fact that the two handling these duties (Nick and Julianne Thompson) are in fact, married. In addition, Jordan Nielsen compliments Gaelan Sylvia’s smooth rhythms with thick bass, casting an alluring net for those within proximity. As a young band with nothing to lose, BellaMaine has crafted songs for one reason: that’s what keeps them going through the day. This modest power source is enjoyable and energizing. It’s a simple, necessary antidote for those in need of an addictive sonic fix.